My story

Hi, my name is Jaouad (pronounced: Ja-wad) and I work as a data scientist. I hold a Ph.D. in Biotechnology (Modeling/Data Analytics), an MBA (Business Management, Roosevelt University, Chicago) and an MIS (Business Analytics, Roosevelt University, Chicago).

I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tech and its impact on the future of our society. I use AWS, Azure, SQL, Python, Alteryx, QlikView and Tableau for my data projects.

As a data scientist, I am an insanely curious person who always seek out to translate data into valuable and comprehensible insights. My goal is to improve results, make the right decisions and achieve business goals.

I love to travel and explore different cultures.

My Focus

Data analytics: Get more value from data with prediction models and machine learning techniques to predict behavior or target the right customer.

Data analysis: I am specialized in analyzing data. Results, trends and recommendations are clearly presented in reports or tools.

AWS: In contrary to Traditional ML development, I am fun of how Amazon web services Sage-Maker, help bring models from concept to production with high accuracy and low costs.

Dashboards: Dashboards show the most recent results in an interactive way. By clicking and drilling, you will examine trends and patterns.

My Experience

Principal Data Scientist, Discover Student Loans

JPMORGAN CHASE, (Chicago IL, 2013 – 2022)
Senior Data Analytics Analyst, Global Payments’ Operation

JPMORGAN CHASE, (Elgin IL, 2009 – 2013)
Senior Data Analytics Analyst, Treasury Services Operations Fraud/AML/CIP/KYC.

Operations Analyst,Compliance, Risk

SCIO’S INC, (SUNNYVALE CA, 2001 – 2002)
Research Analyst (Biotechnology Modeling)

Research Analyst (Biotechnology Modeling)

University of Helsinki, (Helsinki,Finland, 1998 - 1998)
Research Analyst (Biotechnology Modeling)


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